Can’t we just freeze time?

Can’t I just freeze this moment?  This is the question I asked myself this morning as I watched my boys snuggled up on the couch reading together. Big brother was reading little brother a lift the flap book.  There was patience.  There was respect.  There was love.  There was snuggling.  Most importantly, there was NO fighting.  NO bickering.  NO antagonizing.  It was glorious.  It was beautiful.  I just wanted it to last. Forever.

I know that is not realistic, but in what felt like the constant bickering, antagonizing, yelling, and crying of late it was a nice and welcome break.  Yes, there are glimmers of peace scattered in there. It doesn’t always feel like it because it generally is easier to focus on all the stuff that drives Mom crazy.  Surely, my kids are the only ones who do this to each other.  My brother and I were five years apart and, while we had our fights, it wasn’t like this.  Maybe it was the boy/girl dynamic?  Who knows.  Bottom line, no other kids act like this, right?  Wrong.

It is easy to focus on the posts and pictures we see scattered on Facebook and other blogs that show peaceful homeschooled children in perpetual states of happiness, helpfulness, and cooperation.  It is also easy to forget that these are snapshots and every moment does not look like this.  Reading is a calm time (usually) in our house.  There are always days when I feel like we don’t do enough, but these sweet moments of brotherly reading are ones that I will hold with me forever and hopefully the boys will as well.  So, yes, I want to freeze time.  Not because I can capture a picture of my boys getting along, but because it is a sweet moment of brotherly bonding that can’t be replaced.



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