A new start to 2014

Here we are 13 days deep into a new year.  We started back to school today after a much needed 3 week break.  With the back to school, comes some welcome and necessary changes for our homeschool and home.

1.  I did it.  I actually bought a curriculum!  With A-Man deep into second grade, I felt that it was time to purchase a math curriculum.  Math is not my strong point so I wanted to make sure he had a strong foundation.  I decided on Math U See.  Our first two weeks will be focused on place value since that has already been covered in the Alpha version.  Then, we will dive right into Beta!  Already A-Man is loving using the Math U See blocks.

2.  A-Man’s school will not be so independent.  Yes, that makes things more difficult for me in terms of keeping T-Man occupied, but A-Man is so easily distracted that I think this will work better in the long run.

3.  We have a white board!  I finally whipped out the power drill and hung up a white board passed along from a friend…during the summer.  It takes me back to my classroom teaching days so I love this addition to our homeschool.


4.  Mom is a student again too!  I finally re-enrolled to finish my doctorate.  I decided it’s time to get it done.

5.  Mom is a doTERRA independent product consultant.  I am extremely excited about this one.  I love essential oils so the ability to partner with a company that deals in essential oils is exciting.  This will also give birth to a new blog that will focus on essential oils and ways to use them.  


6.  We have a character curriculum.  I got lucky on this one.  I had been scouring the internet looking for a free character curriculum that I liked with no success.  The very next day I got an email for a subscriber freebie for a character curriculum.  God was definitely at work there!

We are refreshed, renewed and ready to rock 2014!  Can’t wait to share with you all this year.


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