Ancient Rome Unit Study

A-Man just wrapped his unit study of Ancient Rome.  We enjoyed exploring the many aspects of Ancient Rome through gladiators, aqueducts, and Roman gods and goddesses.  I used a variety of sites to put together this unit study but the bulk of it came from Homeschool Share’s Ancient Rome Lapbook and Unit Study.  This includes most of the information needed to complete the lapbook pages.  We used the book list from Homeschool Share as well.



<<<Download the unit study and lapbook here>>>

In addition to this, I tried to include some additional activities that were more hands on.  I found a great site that shows maps and geography of Ancient Rome. 

Ancient Rome maps and geography

Another favorite resource was this unit study from Oklahoma Homeschool.  Most of the materials are on the internet but they are great to supplement the Homeschool Share lapbook.  You could also use this as your unit study on the topic.   I am partial to Homeschool Share!

Ancient Rome Unit Study

We also used a few activities to make a keystone and build an arch out of sponges and then out of wooden blocks.  This tested A-Man’s problem solving skills and logic skills to build an arch that would be sturdy and not fall down.  
There are many different activities at this blog but we focused on the arch and keystone activities.

Arch and Keystone Activities

We made a baking soda volcano after reading about Pompeii.

A-Man then painted a volcano.

The activity that took the cake was building an aqueduct.  Because I didn’t have a wrapping paper roll, I took paper towel tubes and cut then in half longways and helped A-Man tape them together.

We then covered the tubes in plastic so the water would run down the tubes instead of soak into them.

It was time for A-Man to build his structure for the aqueduct.  It was definitely a challenge to keep T-Man from “helping” as he used the foam blocks.

Finally, it was time to test the structure and pour the water.



You can also find more Ancient Rome resources on my Ancient Rome Pinterest Board.  Enjoy!



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