Getting Down and Dirty about Parenting

I was all set to blog today about not getting over-scheduled and overwhelmed during the holiday season.  However, a friend shared this blog post and I just thought it was too good not to share!  We all struggle with how we parent.  We may have an idea of the kind of parent we want to be and then children come along and we find that we are not doing things exactly how we had planned.  I strive towards attachment parenting.  However, my strong-willed A-Man can send me into a frenzy like no other.  I then spend the rest of the day/evening thinking about what a horrible mother I am and how I have ruined A-Man for life.  Surely, he will be a heathen who refuses to listen to people and will end up in jail.  Am I the only one who’s been there? We spend so much time beating ourselves up over what we are doing wrong instead of embracing some simple truths that many of us are probably doing.  Yes, the kids will resist.  They will cry, scream, argue, and stomp (at least in my house!).  But despite all of this, they are being parented well and they are being taught useful skills.  We are not perfect and neither are our children.  When we strive for perfection, no one is happy.

Check out this great blog post that keeps it real for us:

Is there anything you would add to her list?


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