Fun Mom, Please!

Has anyone ever gone through an entire day and wondered how you interacted with your children?  If you have, it doesn’t make you a bad mom.  We all have those days when the “to-do” list seems insurmountable.  But it’s not only the “to-do” list that gets us.  It’s the overwhelming amount of technological gadgetry that is at our fingertips.  Last week, my husband was out of town from Sunday morning to Friday night.  I made a point to spend time connecting with both boys since it was just me.  Even so, I had to take and make phone calls and do work.  Finding the balance is what really matters.

As part of our week, I took the boys out to lunch twice.  During one our lunch dates (where we all had ice cream sundaes) I noticed a mom sitting with her daughter.  She apparently had the same idea.  The other thing I noticed was that her phone never left the table.  She spent a large amount of time doing something on the phone.  I mention this story not to judge this mother, but to remind myself that I don’t want to be in that position.  It is so easy to grab the phone to text, check email, log into Facebook, or just surf the net.  How many times do we post a picture or stellar status update and then constantly check back in to see if anyone has liked or commented?

As I was responding to a friend’s message on Facebook this morning, I can across a post that was titled 47 Way YOU Can Be A Fun Mom.  Naturally, my interest was piqued.  As I read the article, I was touched.  Not so much by the suggestions, but by the idea that we have to sometimes read about how to be a fun mom.  We all have it inside of us; it’s just that adulthood sometimes stifles our playfulness.  My goal this month is to make sure that I am present for my children.  Yes, I have work to do.  Yes, I have things to clean.  Yes, I have phone calls to make and bills to pay.  Yes, I have errands to run.  Yes, I have school to plan. But I also need to remember that sometimes those things can wait just a little bit longer.  Logging into Facebook at multiple times during the day isn’t necessary.  Being present and interacting with my boys IS important!

Here is the post that I mentioned and I do like some of the ideas on here.  However, remember that following your child’s lead can speak volumes and doesn’t require extra money or planning.  They are young for such a small season of our lives that it would be dreadful to wake up one day with a teenager and realize that some of these moments have passed us by.  Have fun and be silly!


thirdrow (I also saw this picture on Facebook this morning and I thought it was fitting!)

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