Tuesday Freebie (Focused freebie)

This Tuesday freebie is a little different than my past posts.  Usually, I list a bunch of different freebies that I have found around the web.  However, there is one freebie that I have been meaning to blog about and this is a perfect opportunity.

Since I am a former English teacher and an English major, I love anything that has to do with literature.  I came across this wonderful literature unit during the summer.  During my planning, I knew that I wanted to assign books for A-Man to read during the school year that had to be read a chapter at a time.  If I don’t assign them this way, he will read through the entire book in one sitting.  This is what he generally does with pleasure reading!  When I saw these printables, I knew they were perfect.

A-Man starts out with the story prediction sheet.  Then for each chapter, he chooses a new vocabulary word and completes the vocabulary builder sheet.  He also completes the chapter by chapter summary sheet for each chapter.  This allows me to make sure he is comprehending what he is reading since he reads quite a bit above grade level.  I can challenge him while also making sure he is taking his time while reading to absorb the main components of the story.

When he finishes the story, he identifies the main parts of a story and also identifies a character to break down using the character traits sheet.  He ends the book with choosing a project.  I don’t want him to regurgitate the story in the form of a basic book report so I have some sites on Pinterest that offer alternative ideas for book reports.  So far he has made a comic book and a movie poster.

Thanks to Meet Penny, the graphic organizers have offered me a streamlined way to assign reading activities.

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