By Mistake Pear Cookies

There is a wonderful local farm that offers CSA shares.  We did it for a while and then took a break.  Last month, we decided it was time to become CSA members again.  It is so much fun to sort through our farm fresh produce.  I feel like a kid in a candy store. 

The Saturday in question began like every other CSA pick up Saturday.  We got to the farm and picked up our share.  We sat in the car and gazed through the plastic at all the wondrous yumminess.  There was a small bag tucked down in the larger plastic bag and at first glance my husband and I identified the contents as fruit.  When we got everything home, I commented that the fruit looked like figs.  Hubby seconded that affirmation and we deemed them to be figs.

This sparked a furious scouring of Pinterest for fig recipes.  I immediately thought of homemade fig newtons but I had to see what else was out there.  I even made a fig recipes board on Pinterest. I came across this recipe for fig cookies.  My normal procrastination set in and I finally got around to making the cookies about two weeks later. 

I got everything ready.  I decided to substitute almonds for pecans because that is what I had on hand.  I got the dough ready and set it aside and prepared myself for the moment of truth.  I have never cooked with fresh figs before so I was excited to cut into them.  I grabbed the knife and sliced into the first delectable…pear?  Yes, I cut into a pear.  But where are the figs, you wonder?  Well, we didn’t have figs to begin with.  My untrained eye falsely identified these little pears as figs.  So I had to wonder what to do.  I had a recipe for fig cookies, the dough was prepared, and I had pears.

I did what any self-respecting person would do.  I chopped up those pears and threw them in the dough.  I mixed it up and prayed for the best.  The smell was delicious and I thought that a pear cookie would surely be yummy, right?  The first batch came out and it was all I could do to let them cool enough to taste one.  When I did, I was not disappointed.  They were downright yummy.  I let the boys sample them and the verdict was a resounding thumbs up.  They didn’t even notice the chopped almonds that I added! (They tend to have an aversion to nuts in baked goods.)



So there you have it: By Mistake Almond Pear Cookies.  Follow the fig cookie recipe linked above and substitute pear for the fig and almonds for the pecans.  Pure yumminess and it seems like I did it on purpose!

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