Essential Oils freebie (contains affiliate links)

I am a day early on a freebie but this one was too good pass up.  Amazon has a free kindle book all about essential oils.  I love essential oils and am slowly building up my supply.  My absolute favorite go to oil is tea tree oil.  It is amazing for cuts, scrapes, burns, and even insect bites.  When my kids get boo-boos, they ask for oil!

Tea Tree Oil tea tree

The world of essential oils can be overwhelming because there are so many out there and they all have their strengths.  It is helpful to start small and then build up your supply of oils little by little.  I started my collection with this great 6 pack from Edens Garden.  edens garden 6 pack

I have found a use for all of the oils in the six pack.  One use was for scenting homemade play dough, which I will post about soon. This 6 pack also contains tea tree oil!

Grab this kindle freebie to help you on your journey with essentials oils.  I grabbed mine!

Essential Oils: 60 Oils That You Need and How to Use Them Now!  essential oils book

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