My First Steps to Reading

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How many of you have subscribed to some sort of club where you get a free trial of the product before they send you the “real” thing?  I did this so many times that I am ashamed to admit exactly how many (mostly because I’ve lost count!).  When A-Man was 3, I decided to try the First Steps to Reading book club.  I got the book for the letter A and the number 1.  They were so cute but I wasn’t ready to commit to the club so I canceled.

A few months later, we were at a flea market and I hit the proverbial jackpot.  Someone had the entire set for sale and I snatched it up without thinking twice.  As we went through the alphabet, I was able to read the corresponding book for the letter.  Now that T-Man is almost 3, it is fun to start to the cycle over again.  We have done a-c (posts coming on those activities soon) and have been able to read the books.

As far as I know, the books are hard to find but I have spotted them at the library.  Amazon has the entire set for sale as well. Find them here.


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