Why we all need a bestie

This post is a bit off subject I suppose, but it is important nonetheless.  In my opinion, every woman needs a good best friend.  You know, the person who knows all of your secrets and has known you longer than anyone (aside from your family).  I happen to have a really awesome bestie.  We have know each other for 21 years.  I honestly can’t believe it has been that long.  Over those 21 years, we have been through thick and thin and always been there for each other.  We have lived 12 hours away from each other and have gone years without seeing each other face to face but she is still like a sister to me.  

Since Monday is her birthday,  I thought it was fitting to do a blog post as a birthday present.  We don’t have to say how important the other one is, we just know.  But I wanted to give you some of my top reasons why I have such a special best friend.

  • She helps you get through a Geometry class where the teacher has narcolepsy and has it in for you, even though she is hardly awake.
  • She helps you fight off buzzards at the mall, and at bowling, and at Friendly’s, and at the shore, and at the dance club…
  • She is a shoulder to cry on and will have your back no matter what.
  • She is only a text away when hubby makes you mad.
  • She is the only person who understands your methods of research (which generally involve accents and lovely Englishmen).
  • She is there when the milk spills on the floor and there are snipers in the trees.
  • She is there to discuss movies and how they very obviously differ from the book and what should have been done differently.
  • She is there to suggest new books to read that will get you addicted to your kindle because you stayed up way too late trying to finish “one more” chapter.
  • She is your children’s “auntie” and you are her children’s “auntie” and they don’t fully realize that you don’t have the same parents.
  • When years pass and friends fade away, she is the one who is still there and is still the same person you knew from years ago.
  • She just gets you, and accepts you. No matter what.
  • When we get together, she is one half of the reason why our husbands raise their eyebrows and shake their heads at us.


While some of my reasons may be foreign to you, she will understand them all.  I love her like a sister and can’t imagine my life without her in it.  She has always been there when I needed her and when I did need her, she knew how to make me feel better. So, as another year passes, and we get older in numbers, we are still those same girls in 10th grade Geometry deep down inside and we have never grown apart.  We have different career paths, different tastes in some things, we live in different states, but she knows me like no one else.  She knew me back in the day, before kids, before college, before a career.  She knows me know, after all of those things.  I can only hope that everyone can have that one special bestie in their life because mine is smart, funny, beautiful, an awesome mother and wife, an awesome soon-to-be nurse, and an incredible researcher and my life wouldn’t be the same without her.




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