Tinker Toys

How many of you remember the scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie starts to tell his parents that he wants the rifle for Christmas?  Once he realizes that his parents won’t approve, he says, “Maybe just some Tinker Toys.”  Honestly, I have never owned Tinker Toys and I’m not entirely sure I really knew what they looked like (ducks head in shame).  However, we were at a flea market this weekend and happened upon some classic Tinker Toys!  Naturally, they came home with us and both boys love them.  They have become swords, or even a person running.  I love that each boy can use them and be creative on their own individual level.

Tinker Toys (contains affiliate link)91fbhl35O-L._SL1500_

I am thinking that this may be a wonderful Christmas present for the boys since we found a mini set and I’d love to add to it.  I am always looking for useful toys instead of a bunch of things that are novelty for a while and then get cast aside.  What do you think?  Do your kids like Tinker Toys?

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