A Teachable Spirit

I have experienced situations where A-Man gets frustrated when I try to offer correction. I try to be gentle and guiding instead of making him feel like he is wrong, but we all have our days when we are more receptive to instructions than others. This is a great read for those of use who have or will experience this!


A Homeschool Mom

A child who lacks a teachable spirit can be a challenge, add homeschooling to that and life can be downright intolerable. Our children need to be able to receive instruction continually, with the right attitude of heart and mind.

It can be quite frustrating to attempt correction and improvement in an area, only to have your child dislike your endeavors to better them. Hurt feelings, pride, and sometimes anger can soon ruin what could have been a wonderful learning opportunity.

A Teachable Spirit

So, how do we remove this blockade and develop a teachable spirit? I think we first need to identify the root of the problem before we can find a solution. The most common reason for lacking a teachable spirit: pride!

No one likes to be told they’re wrong or that there is an area which needs improvement; why would we expect children to be any different? Knowing why our children…

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