Finding balance in Wonderland

Another school year has passed, along with numerous missed blogging opportunities.  The new school year has arrived and I am ready to make some much needed changes. Today, A-man has been engrossed in a great series of books I found at Goodwill.  It is a series from Time Life for Children called I Love Math. As A-man was reading Alice in Numberland, I realized how the last 8 months have been like Wonderland.  A-man’s behavior has been like a rollercoaster (mostly like the steep drops that have you screaming at the top of your lungs) and my patience level has worn thinner.  T-man is finding his new almost 3 year old independence  and is starting to use the potty, we experienced a miscarriage, I have debated returning to school to complete my doctorate, I have applied for a full time online faculty position, we moved (only 1.5 miles away), and new school year has started.  That is not even including the weight I’ve put on that I’d like to evaporate.  It’s like a whirlwind of stuff and all that’s missing is a floating Cheshire cat and a smoking caterpillar to give me guidance.


In all this confusion, I decided to do what would be easiest for school planning.  We all know that the easiest thing does not always work the best.  While it started out okay, A-man’s temperament is not always conducive to sitting and writing.  Here we are in week 3 and I realize a change is needed.  It’s so easy to get bogged down with so many responsibilities as a homeschooling mom.  We used Easy Peasy last year and really liked it; however, it does have a lot of screen time and independent work.  This year, I attempted to use Easy Peasy as I guide but there is still a lot of seatwork and computer time.

What to do?  After we finish this 4 week block of planned school, we will move into units studies.  This will require more planning for me but ultimately the learning will be richer.  Language Arts and Math will include some Montessori activities and overall a more active and hands on approach is necessary–for them and for me!

With this new found need for change, I am once again trying to find the time to blog regularly.  Yes, I know. I said this last year, but in my defense it is a new year.  Everyone sticks to their resolutions at the start of the school year, right?  I’m just trying to represent all the other flaky homeschool moms out there.  After a while, we get it together. This is my time!

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