Can Calgon really take me away?

Do you ever have those days where you really wish you could get into the bathtub and be transported to some other place?  We all have them and today was a doozy–all before 10:00 am.  A-Man was in serious grump mode over T-Man coming near Legos.  It all spiraled downhill from there.  Breakfast didn’t get eaten until 10 am and I had to take five so I could have my own mommy meltdown in the bedroom.  Ahhh, good times. 

In light of the morning, I made the decision to change up our school day.  T-Man made a letter C caterpillar and A-Man chose a book report option from here (thank you Pinterest!) since he finished his independent reading book.  A relaxed school day followed by an impromptu pizza party was just was this homeschool mama needed, and so did the students! 

How do you cope with challenging days?

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