The Wonder Woman Trap

I love Wonder Woman.  She is strong and fierce and a super hero. I have a Wonder Woman wallet and I even rock some WW sweatpants (at home of course!).  But for some reason, Wonder Woman doesn’t usually have a place in everyday life.  As a homeschooling mom, work at home mom, and doctoral student, I often get overwhelmed by my to-do list.  I have always been someone who liked to be organized and planned out in advance.  I even find myself getting stressed if I am not a week ahead in my online class that I am taking.

However, when we start to don the Wonder Woman headband and bodysuit (figuratively, of course!), our babes tend to be the ones that suffer.  For some reason, I tend to be a bit hard-headed when it comes to realizing that everything will not always be completed in advance.  The former classroom teacher in me finds it difficult to drop plans and go with the flow in our homeschool.  Even though, for me, that was one of the main attractive points of homeschooling.  I want to follow the lead of my boys and foster how they learn in a positive and relaxed environment.

As you can tell by how often I’ve updated the blog, I’ve been a bit bogged down by my to-do list.  I’ve noticed that when I get so focused on completing checklists, my 6 year old and I are more at odds.  He resists while I attempt to crack the whip.  It probably goes without saying that it doesn’t usually end up well.  I have finally decided that it was time to take a step back and re-evaluate the way I was doing things.

It was important to not compromise the heart of the Charlotte Mason methodology so I will continue with our reading of living books.  However, because A is reading at a 5th-7th grade level, I have decided to drop phonics.  That was hard for me to do because I felt like I was supposed to be doing phonics.  Instead of plugging through blends that he already knows, I will incorporate areas that I see him struggling with when necessary.

It is important for me to remember that he is just 6.  While he can be mature (sometimes to a point of driving me nuts!), he is still just a 6 year old who will still watch Mickey Mouse with enormous enthusiasm.  I love that about him.  He can go from Ninjago to Sprout without skipping a beat.  Therefore, it has been my mission to bring more fun and play into our homeschool.  We are currently incorporating a space study unit into our schedule.  We are still delving into the wonderful classic stories as outlined by Ambleside Online, but we will also take time to study the moon phases using Oreos and make rockets out of toilet paper tubes.  The best part is that little brother can join in the fun instead of being on the outskirts.

Play is what kids do best and how they learn.  So, W.C. Academy will start adding more play into our day.  Now, I must go make some yarn monsters with my little munchkins…

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